The Poznan Edition 2024

Meet all relevant publishers, investors, and developers
during Games Industry Conference in Poznan 

MeetToMatch – The Poznan Edition is organized during the 3 day Games Industry Conference from October 25th to the 27th. There will be a meeting space with tables set up at the Poznan Conference Center, and your favorite MeetToMatch host will be there too. You only need a MeetToMatch ticket to plan and attend the meetings with game studios, publishers and investors. Seperately you can purchase your GIC ticket directly if you want to attend GIC activities.

Plan your meetings in advance

Join the largest matchmaking service in the games industry!

MeetToMatch – The Poznan Edition Trusted by hundreds of publishers, investors, governments and developers, the MeetToMatch platform enables you to get in contact with the right people from game companies around the world.

Meeting locations

No hassle searching for a place to meet: book meetings at meeting locations we prepared for you. Got a booth? Share your booth location during the check-out process when you purchase a ticket and we will add this to your profile.

Personal support

Questions about the platform? We offer personal support before and during the event on site.

You can communicate with MeetToMatch through email, live chat, social media and phone.


Quality control

We want you to receive valuable meeting requests. The participant field is continuously monitored by us to ensure to maintain a healthy balance between developers, publishers and suppliers.

Data safety

We will never sell your data to third parties. Your information is used for MeetToMatch status updates. We also love to tell you about other matchmaking events in the games industry, which you can unsubscribe to at any time.



Poznan Congress Center
Entrence B, second floor (glass hallway)
Głogowska 10
60-734 Poznań, Poland
view on Google maps

The Poznan Congress Center is located on a large fairground with several buildings. This fairground is open for the public by entering the so called  “green river”, that allows to reach the Poznan Congress Center Entrance B without the need to pass gates.


Sponsors 2024


Any questions?

Please get in touch, we’ll gladly provide you the answer!


Where can I have the meetings planned with MeetToMatch?

There will be a dedicated MeetToMatch Area in the Poznan Congress Center. More information on the exact location in the venue will be shared with you in the event details email after registering.


Can I plan my meetings at my own location / booth?

Yes, you can provide the booth or location details during check-out or send them to us later, and we’ll make sure that your location (booth) is added in the platform. Note that not all attendees may have access to the area of your booth.  


Are the meetings on-site or also virtual?

At this event the meetings are in person on-site. There will be no virtual meetings.


Does a MeetToMatch ticket include access to GIC?

No,  you will need to purchase access to the Game Industry Conference and GIC related activities seperately.  


Are there sponsorships available?

Absolutely! We have various options for platform sponsorships and on site sponsorships. Please use our contact form to ask us about the options.

Ready to get started?

Note to EU companies choosing PayPal as payment method: after filling in your VAT number, please re-select PayPal as payment method and sign in to PayPal again to get the updated ticket price without VAT.