Hybrid Events

Enhance the online and on-site experience for your event visitors

Whether you are planning a hybrid event from the start, or if you are unsure if your event is going to be online or on-site, MeetToMatch offers you the setup for any event format. And not to worry: these settings can easily be adjusted when circumstances are asking for adaptation.


Meeting locations

We make sure that on-site visitors meet each other on-site and online visitors meet each other through video conferencing, and everything in between!


Session Locations

Add a physical location to your sessions, a video conferencing link or both! 


Tips 'n Tricks

We have organized many on-site, only and hybrid events and gladly offer advice on how to handle an event happening in multiple locations. 


Different views for on-site and online visitors


Find meeting or session location

Your visitors will immediately see the location of their next sessions and meetings, whether it is a physical location or a button to an online space.


Switch from on-site to online

Not sure if your on-site event might be online? MeetToMatch can easily make the switch, new virtual meeting locations will automatically be assigned.


Customize the Dashboard

Add custom buttons to your visitor’s Dashboards to make sure your online visitors are not missing out on all your on-site content.

Fedor van Herpen
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