On-site Events

Increase the value of your event with MeetToMatch

With MeetToMatch at your event, new revenue streams are added to the mix while achieving a higher perceived return on investment, and thus a higher return rate intention of your customers.

“We have been working with MeetToMatch at Nordic Game since 2011 to our full satisfaction. We have seen a tremendous growth year over year in number of participants and revenue earned from the matchmaking service, while the heavy users maintain overly satisfied and all of them have stated that they would recommend MeetToMatch at our event to others.”

Jacob Riis

Nordic Game Conference


We help you fit MeetToMatch into your existing event business model. 

MeetToMatch enables event organizers to sell more expensive tickets, special sponsorships and will increase attendance rates over time.


Exhibition centers and trade fair venues offer MeetToMatch to key events held at their locations, thus giving them a competitive advantage over other locations.


Provide your customers and prospects with valuable events, and connect with them by providing them with great value will leverage your entire community ecosystem.

Event Organizers

Unlock the full potential of your event


Business Model

We love to share our years of experience of adding networking events to your own ecosystem, and help you in setting the right pricing strategy.

Part of the team

Becoming part of your team is our goal. Becoming a valued colleague is the sustainable road to a long-term partnership where everyone can focus on what they can do best.

Premium experience

Every event organizer and your event delegates will feel valued and helped by our meticulous pro-active service approach.

“Working with MeetToMatch was a wonderful experience. The MeetToMatch team was an incredible partner throughout the event, even as we worked through last minute changes. MeetToMatch was an amazing addition to our event presence and helped us reach and support our developer community in a new way.”

Allison Lee

Developer Program Manager, Oculus VR

Venue Owners

Gain competitive advantage over other venues


Innovative services

Offer innovative services to your key customers to continuously give them a competitive edge.

Value over price

Make your negotiation process about added value instead of price.

Package license

Bundling MeetToMatch in a package for multiple events comes with an attractive bundle price.

Brands and Media Companies

Continue to surprise your customers on all channels

New revenue models

With MeetToMatch, you will find new ways of earning revenue that can be added to your existing business.


Create stronger connections with your customers by providing them with what they look for on any channel: value through relevance.

Going the extra mile

While organizing events is business as usual for us, your attendees will appreciate that we go the extra mile for them.