The San Francisco Edition 2022

Meet all relevant publishers, investors, and developers
during one of the biggest games industry gatherings
in San Francisco

1000’s of Meetings

Join the best matchmaking service in the games industry, during the largest trade show of North America!

MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition is your most relevant platform for business in the games industry during GDC since 2017. Trusted by hundreds of publishers, investors, governments and developers, our platform enables you to get in contact with the right people from game companies around the world.

Meeting locations

No hassle with not having access to certain locations: book meetings at public meeting locations, online, or share your own default meeting location with us during check-out.

Personal support

Questions about our system? You can communicate with MeetToMatch through email, live chat, social media and phone.

We offer personal support on the MeetToMatch platform to make your participation as worthwhile as possible.

Quality control

We want you to receive valuable meeting requests. The participant field is continuously monitored by us to ensure to maintain a healthy balance between developers, publishers and suppliers.

Data safety

We will never sell your data to third parties. Your information is used for MeetToMatch status updates. We also love to tell you about other matchmaking events in the games industry, which you can unsubscribe to at any time.

You are in control.

Sponsors 2022

Partners 2022


Snapshot of participants

Click here for the full participant list (scroll down on the log in page)


Any unanswered questions?

Please get in touch, we’ll gladly provide you the answer!

Can I plan my meetings at my own location?

Yes, you can provide the location details during check-out or send them to us later, and we’ll make sure that your meetings are planned at that location (if it’s also possible to enter the location for your meeting partners).

Are there sponsorships available?

Absolutely! We have various options for platform sponsorships and on-site sponsorships. Please use our contact form to ask us about the options.

What happens if GDC gets postponed?

 In case the event dates change, the event dates of MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition 2022 might change accordingly. This decision is solely at the discretion of MeetToMatch, and can be made without prior notice.

Can I also plan online meetings?

Yes, with an on on site ticket you can plan on site and online meetings. If you plan a meeting and one or both of the meeting participants are online, the meeting will automatically be an online meeting as well.

Are you offering a offsite meeting location again?

This year, our offsite meeting location is reserved for some exclusive partners. It might be that you have a planned meeting with one of them there, but there won’t be any public meeting tables.

What happens if GDC is not happening on-site?

On-site event cancelation due to COVID-19 or other force majeure events, might results in MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition 2022 being turned fully online. A decision to fully change to virtual, likely results in an extension of opening hours due to the consideration of the different time zones of participants.

Ready to get started?

Note to EU companies choosing PayPal as payment method: after filling in your VAT number, please re-select PayPal as payment method and sign in to PayPal again to get the updated ticket price without VAT.