Aria Resort & Casino

We’ve selected some recognisable locations within the Aria Resort & Casino to make it easier for you to find your meeting partner.

Suggested Meeting Locations

  1. North Entrance – Buddha Statue
  2. Sports Bar
  3. Aria Lobby Bar



Any unanswered questions?

Please get in touch, we’ll gladly provide you the answer!

What if I cannot find my meeting partner?

Use our platform’s live-chat from your inbox. Or if you have their contact details, try sending them a message or giving them a call. 

Can I change my meeting's location?

 Yes, when looking at your confirmed or pending meetings, you can use the ‘Change Location’ button to choose or enter a new location to have your meeting.

Does a MeetToMatch ticket include access to the DICE venue?

With the MeetToMatch Las Vegas Edition ticket you can plan your meetings at any location you specify. However this ticket does not include access to venues, such as the DICE venue. If you want to plan a meeting at the DICE venue, please ensure you also have a valid DICE ticket.

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