Uniting all games industry professionals in San Francisco 2020

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in an easy, relevant and cost-effective way.

Meet >650 relevant publishers, investors and developers present in San Francisco

Why MeetToMatch – San Francisco, during the largest trade show of Northern America in gaming?

For the third year, we are uniting all games industry professionals in San Francisco in an easy, relevant and cost-effective way. New this edition is the option of using our platform for the full 5 days!

Two important pointers:

  • No need for a GDC pass to be able to participate. If any of the meeting partners has no access to Moscone center, an external meeting location with tables and chairs will be assigned (8 minutes from Moscone center). We would still recommend getting a GDC pass for the best experience.
  • If you have a default meeting location such as a Hotel lobby/room or a GDC booth, you can set this as your default meeting location. You can share this during your Eventbrite checkout, or share this later over email with us.

Go sign up and make the best use of your San Francisco visit this year too!

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With a regular access ticket, you can meet your business partners at the MeetToMatch venue at one of the available tables (on Wednesday to Friday only), at a meeting point on the GDC Expo floor or any private location you or your counterpart has selected.

Private table

Meet your business partners at our MeetToMatch venue at your personal table, which will be exclusively available for you on Wednesday to Friday. Even for meetings that are not scheduled through MeetToMatch. Invite your business partners there easily, do some work in between meetings, or hang out and take a breath.

A selection of 2020 participants

See current complete 2020 participant list here (scroll down)

And see full 2019 participant list here (scroll down)

Four important reasons to choose MeetToMatch in San Francisco

Meeting locations

  1. The San Francisco State University. Just two blocks away from Moscone center.
  2. GDC expo floor at Moscone center.
  3. A custom meeting location such as a hotel lobby or a public meeting point.

Click here for more details.

Quality control

We want you to receive valuable meeting requests. The participant field is continuously monitored by us to ensure the matchmaking system is not overrun by companies from a specific field.

We try to maintain a healthy balance between developers, publishers and suppliers.

Personal support

Questions about our system? You can communicate with MeetToMatch through email.

We offer personal support on the MeetToMatch system to make your participation as worthwhile as possible.

Data safety

We will never sell your data to third parties. Your information is used for MeetToMatch status updates. We also love to tell you about other matchmaking events in the games industry, which you can unsubscribe to at any time.

You are in control.

MeetToMatch webshop

If you have your own booth or meeting location, let us know your location, so we can automatically have all meetings planned at your booth.

Upon completion of your order, and when payment is confirmed, you will receive an activation email within 5 minutes. This email contains a link to the login page of the MeetToMatch meeting manager, together with your login credentials. Easy as one, two, three!

MeetToMatch – San Francisco Edition 2020 Partners

Locations MeetToMatch – San Francisco edition 2020

There are 3 meeting locations:

  1. San Francisco State University
    • The MeetToMatch venue on 835 Market Street: if one of the meeting partners has NO access to Moscone center.  From Moscone Center it is a 9 minute walk to the San Francisco State University. Click here for Google Maps.
  2. GDC expo floor
    • Meet within Moscone Center if both meeting partners have access. You will meet at one of the meeting points in South or North hall OR at a dedicated meeting location (such as a booth) inside Moscone center.
  3. Dedicated meeting location
    • A dedicated place chosen by the participant, probably outside of Moscone center or San Francisco State University. This location is chosen by the meeting partner and can be at a hotel lobby or at a public meeting point.

The location of the meeting is described in the meeting details in the online meeting manager.

Directions to San Francisco State University


The San Francisco State University is located on 835 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. If your meeting is planned at this location, use the directions below.

The entrance is on Market Street, between 4th and 5th street, between Wallgreens and the Timberland store. Once you enter, you can take an elevator to the 6th floor. On the 6th floor, there will be signs. The closest Bart station is Powell Street station.

Click here for Google maps.

A selection of attendees for MeetToMatch – The San Francisco edition 2020

Testimonials from our customers

Meeting a nice variety of companies from all over the world at a great venue.

Christopher HeckNintendo

A lot of great meetings with talented developers (…). There will be a handful that we will pursue for investment.

Jason della RoccaExecution Labs

I made the best possible use of my time here

Phil ElliotSquare Enix

Abundance of opportunities. Very confident this will result in excellent partnerships in the near future

Derk de GeusPaladin Studios

As a first timer I really appreciated the whole thing as it was a huge chance to get some pitching experience. It made me feel like an important person. 😀

Olli IkonenJoensuu Games Co-op

You guys were fantastic! I cannot say enough great things about you and the System. I wish every conference used it – it would make my life better and my job as Director of Business Development at Elias Software more successful! Also you were really there for me when I needed you, including Saturday and Sunday prior to the show – much appreciated! Best system I have ever used!

Dale CrowleyElias Software
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