Thanks for your interest in blogging for MeetToMatch! We really appreciate connecting with writers who can offer relevant content for our network. When writing, think about what information you would most like to read and share. It can be practical, inspirational or informative as long as it has value for our network. We want to see qualitative, professional content on our MeetToMatch profiles: blogs that show and share expertise.

What should I know?


  • Write for (y)our audience: professionals (in the games industry) that attend b2b conferences and/or b2b event organizers.
  • Write a blog with relevant and practical takeaways. The blog must be tailored to our network. If it has been published already elsewhere, please make amendments to fit our audience and prevent direct copies. Make sure that your story tells readers something new or offers suggestions on how to do something better (rather than just why and how to do it).
  • Make sure that the blog you are sending us is presented from the writer’s viewpoint and follows the general customs when it comes to blogging.
  • Don’t be a pushy salesperson. Disclose any relationship/partnership you have with links or sources in the article. MeetToMatch does not allow direct sales through a blog, but to sell without selling can be okay.
  • Do not include any political statements, foul language, provocations or other communications that may cause conflict.
  • We do not publish press releases.
  • Give credit. Check your facts and quotations. Cite the original sources (not the source that quoted the original source). Provide links to said sources.


  • Your blog can be between 300 and 800 words (the ideal length is 500 words = 5 minutes reading time).
  • Add at least one picture (minimal size 1024×768 px), this does not include the requested profile picture of the writer.
  • Add a catchy headline.
  • Add an introduction/description of the content for us to share on social media (max. 250 characters), including hashtags and mentions.
  • Check for grammar and readability: we advise you to read your blog out loud.
  • Send along the name, title/job description, company name, and profile picture of the writer.

How do I submit a blog?

Send an email to where you tell a little more about yourself, your company, and why you think your blog is relevant for our network. Attach your completed blog draft to the email as a Word doc or Google doc format. Attach an image(s) and your short introduction to the email as well. If the content is time-sensitive, please make sure to inform us as well.

What happens next?

All submissions are reviewed by the team. You will be notified if your article is accepted or if it needs changes as soon as possible. After we post the blog, we will share the link with you.

How does MeetToMatch promote my blog?

We will promote all posts via relevant owned social media channels. Our favorite blogs might also be incorporated into one of our newsletters that is sent to the 10.000+ people who have subscribed.

  • You can help your post get maximum exposure too:
    • Tweet it out to your network. Feel free to mention @MeetToMatch!
    • Share an update on LinkedIn from your personal profile home page.
    • Respond to all comments to create a conversation around your post.

Last but not least

  • MeetToMatch can refuse the placement of any blogs and/or articles provided to MeetToMatch without explanation.
  • MeetToMatch may remove and published blogs and/or articles provided to MeetToMatch without notice.
  • Any submitted blog post is considered final. Any request to amend the work may be refused without explanation.
  • Responsibility for the contents of the blog post is solely on the side of the writer.
  • But apart from these points, go create some cool stuff ?

Got questions you don’t see answers to?
Shoot us an email: We’ll be happy to help.