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on August 21-23, 2018

Meet 1000 relevant publishers, investors and developers in Cologne

Why MeetToMatch in Cologne, during the largest trade show of Europe in gaming?

People have been asking for a great matchmaking solution in Cologne for quite some years. After having received many personal requests in the past years, we decided to fill this gap. We launched our service in 2016, and we immediately became the largest and most effective matchmaking event used on the trade floor with over 725 participants and almost 2500 confirmed meetings. This year, we will continue to pursue this growth and relevance for another amazing edition.

Go sign up and make the best use of your Cologne visit this year too!

Please note that buying this is for access to the MeetToMatch meeting manager only and does not include a trade fair access ticket. The trade fair tickets are sold by the Koelnmesse.

PS: MeetToMatch has no official affiliation with gamescom / Koelnmesse. We just want to enhance your experience by offering the most effective online meeting service for the games industry.

A selection of participants that have signed up in 2018.

See full list here (scroll down)

Four important reasons to choose MeetToMatch in Cologne

Meeting points

If you do not have a company booth, we have arranged several meeting points in the Business Area, which can be chosen upon sending a meeting request. You can always choose a custom meeting location too.

Be aware that upon meeting your meeting partner at the meeting point, you might need to find a place to talk elsewhere.

Personal support

Questions about our system? You can communicate with us through email.

We offer personal support on the MeetToMatch system to make your participation as worthwhile as possible.

Quality control

We want you to receive valuable meeting requests. The participant field is continuously monitored by us to ensure the matchmaking system is not overrun by companies from a specific field.

We try to maintain a healthy balance between developers, publishers and suppliers.

Data safety

We will never sell your data to third parties. Your information is used for MeetToMatch status updates. We also love to tell you about other matchmaking events in the games industry, which you can unsubscribe to at any time.

You are in control.

MeetToMatch webshop

Note 1: If you have your own booth, let us know your booth number, so we can automatically have all meetings planned at your booth.

Note 2: Upon completion of your order, and when payment is confirmed, you will receive an activation email within 1 hour. This email contains a link to the login page of the MeetToMatch meeting manager, together with your login credentials. Easy as one, two, three!

Note 3: The information provided when ordering your ticket is used to create an account for MeetToMatch – the Cologne Edition 2018

Note 4: This ticket is for the MeetToMatch service only and does not include access to the Koelnmesse. Purchase a trade fair ticket seperately to get access to the business area of gamescom.

MeetToMatch – the Cologne edition is working together proudly with


Matchmade is a data-driven, performance-based influencer marketing platform that delivers ROI-positive campaigns and extremely high quality users by working with targeted influencer partners.

Matchmade is looking for companies interested in attracting high quality users to their game(s). Meet them trough MeetToMatch – the Cologne edition 2018

Bigben Interactive is a global publisher and wants to extend their console games portfolio. If you have a AA / AAA concept, prototype or game, this is definitely something for you!

Whether you have just an idea on a sheet of paper or an almost finished product, if it matches Bigben’s publishing criteria, there is a good chance for getting development funding for your console game. Meet them trough MeetToMatch – the Cologne edition 2018

Platinum partners

The Indie Arena Booth is a place for talented developers to show their projects to the public and members of the games industry. It is a true indie community effort which has garnered an abundance of positive feedback from gamers and developers alike as well as industry acclaim such as awards at the Deutscher Computerspielepreis and the German Developer Awards.

With over 30 exhibitors already confirmed, this year’s “British Funfair” themed UK stand is set to be the largest and most exciting year at gamescom to date.

Sweden Game Arena is the largest Swedish gamedev hub with over 50 members that include game studios, organizations, educational institutions and game incubators. At GamesCom 2017, we #SweGame with 33 companies showcasing a varied offer of games, programmes and opportunities.

Gold partners

Meet the more than 25 talented, creative, competitive and cutting-edge Canadian companies at gamescom 2018 in Cologne.

#SwissGames represents a selection of games and technologies by independent studios, start-ups and major art and design universities from Switzerland

VGChile is the Chilean Association of Videogame Development Companies. VG Chile was created to promote and support the industry of videogame development in this country. VG Chile aims to connect local development companies with the global market, and to collaborate with relevant, industry-related public and private actors.

Silver partners

Games/Bavaria serves as an umbrella brand for the Bavarian games industry. Its goal is to strengthen the games industry in Bavaria. Games/Bavaria brings together all kinds of game-related companies: not only game developers but also publishers, service providers and the makers of the various platforms and frameworks that keep everything running.

The Holland pavilion offers a selection of Dutch companies active in the games industry. The offering ranges from games development and publishing to PR & marketing and localisation & art.

Games from Spain is the umbrella brand created and supported by ICEX, Spain Trade and Investment to promote the Spanish videogame industry around the globe.

Abragames, the Brazilian Game Developers Association, aims at making Brazilian creativity and technology available to the main players of the international game industry.  Our goal is to promote the Brazilian Game industry internationally, developing new business opportunities for our companies.

A melting pot of talent, creativity and quirkiness!
Being in the heart of Europe, Belgian Games studios are used to working with many different contexts, people, cultures. As long as we can have a beer once in a while, we’ll be more than fine.

Business France is the national agency for the international development of the French Economy. Its mission is to help French companies to export and increase their international development, as well as to promote and attract international investment in France.

The polish booth is crowded with creative talent. Dozens of Polish companies are represented during Gamescom. Don’t forget to stop by this booth to check out what talent and new game concepts Poland has to offer.

Bronze partners

Association uniting Lithuanian game industry professionals, companies and future game development stars from Lithuania. Association organizes game industry events, promotes cooperation between companies and professionals, educates future game developers and represents Lithuanian game industry globally.

The Romanian Game Developers Association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support and promote the Romanian video game developers market into making them more successful and profitable on the internal and international market.

The Estonian chapter of the International Game Developers Association promotes game development in Estonia, creates a hub for gaming startups and more importantly, organizes fun events together!

MeetToMatch – Cologne edition FAQs

Where do I login for MeetToMatch – Cologne edition

The online meeting manager can be found here.

Who participates at MeetToMatch – Cologne edition

The full list of 2018 participants can be found here.

Feeling nostalgic? Or just trying to see our previous results?  The full list of 2017 participants can be found here.

What are the locations of the Meeting Points for MeetToMatch – Cologne edition

The different booth holders that serve as a meeting point are:

  • Polish booth – Hall 4.1 Stand D-50
  • Brasil booth – Hall 3.2, Stand D-072
  • Holland Pavilion – Hall 4.1, Stand: A-020g-B-029g
  • Sweden Game Arena – Hall 4.1, D10/E19
  • Swiss games – Hall 4.1, C010/D019

How to recognize a Meeting Point:

The meeting points are marked by large logo on the side of the booth, or an A4 Cardboard on the reception desk, or a human-sized roll-up banner that looks like this:

How do I meet my meeting partner at MeetToMatch – Cologne edition

Participants of MeetToMatch can find the location for their meeting in the personal agenda. There are three possible meeting locations for each meeting:

  1. Private booth: if you or your meeting partner has a private booth at gamescom, you will see that booth as meeting location.
  2. Custom location: if the person who invite you has use the text field to describe a custom location, this will be shown in your agenda.
  3. Meeting Point: when a pre-filled default meeting location is chosen, a MeetToMatch Meeting Point is automatically assigned.

How to recognize a Meeting Point:

Several professional booth holders cooperate with MeetToMatch, to serve as a Meeting Point. These Meeting Points are spread over the different halls in the business area.

The meeting points are marked by large logo on the side of the booth, or an A4 Cardboard on the reception desk, or a human-sized roll-up banner that looks like this:

MeetToMatch badge pick-up. Why and where?

This year MeetToMatch came up with an offline way of identification that is aimed at speeding up the matching with your meeting partner at Meeting Points. Recognizable MeetToMatch lanyards and personalized badges, will allow all participants to identify each other way easier.

You can pick up your badge and lanyard at the MeetToMatch booth located at Holland Pavilion – Hall 4.1, Stand: A-020g-B-029g at any time.

Testimonials from our customers

Meeting a nice variety of companies from all over the world at a great venue.

Christopher HeckNintendo

A lot of great meetings with talented developers (…). There will be a handful that we will pursue for investment.

Jason della RoccaExecution Labs

I made the best possible use of my time here

Phil ElliotSquare Enix

Abundance of opportunities. Very confident this will result in excellent partnerships in the near future

Derk de GeusPaladin Studios

As a first timer I really appreciated the whole thing as it was a huge chance to get some pitching experience. It made me feel like an important person. 😀

Olli IkonenJoensuu Games Co-op

You guys were fantastic! I cannot say enough great things about you and the System. I wish every conference used it – it would make my life better and my job as Director of Business Development at Elias Software more successful! Also you were really there for me when I needed you, including Saturday and Sunday prior to the show – much appreciated! Best system I have ever used!

Dale CrowleyElias Software
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