Nordic Game 2017 MeetToMatch

MeetToMatch – Cologne edition specific FAQs

Where do I login for MeetToMatch – Cologne edition

The online meeting manager can be found here.

Who participates at MeetToMatch – Cologne edition

The full list of 2018 participants can be found here.

Feeling nostalgic? Or just trying to see our previous results?  The full list of 2017 participants can be found here.

What are the locations of the Meeting Points for MeetToMatch – Cologne edition

The different booth holders that serve as a meeting point are:

  • Polish booth – Hall 4.1 Stand D-50
  • Brasil booth – Hall 3.2, Stand D-072
  • Holland Pavilion – Hall 4.1, Stand: A-020g-B-029g
  • Sweden Game Arena – Hall 4.1, D10/E19
  • Swiss games – Hall 4.1, C010/D019

How to recognize a Meeting Point:

The meeting points are marked by large logo on the side of the booth, or an A4 Cardboard on the reception desk, or a human-sized roll-up banner that looks like this:

How do I meet my meeting partner at MeetToMatch – Cologne edition

Participants of MeetToMatch can find the location for their meeting in the personal agenda. There are three possible meeting locations for each meeting:

  1. Private booth: if you or your meeting partner has a private booth at gamescom, you will see that booth as meeting location.
  2. Custom location: if the person who invite you has use the text field to describe a custom location, this will be shown in your agenda.
  3. Meeting Point: when a pre-filled default meeting location is chosen, a MeetToMatch Meeting Point is automatically assigned.

How to recognize a Meeting Point:

Several professional booth holders cooperate with MeetToMatch, to serve as a Meeting Point. These Meeting Points are spread over the different halls in the business area.

The meeting points are marked by large logo on the side of the booth, or an A4 Cardboard on the reception desk, or a human-sized roll-up banner that looks like this:


MeetToMatch badge pick-up. Why and where?

This year MeetToMatch came up with an offline way of identification that is aimed at speeding up the matching with your meeting partner at Meeting Points. Recognizable MeetToMatch lanyards and personalized badges, will allow all participants to identify each other way easier.

You can pick up your badge and lanyard at the MeetToMatch booth located at Holland Pavilion – Hall 4.1, Stand: A-020g-B-029g at any time.

General FAQs

What is MeetToMatch?

MeetToMatch is the most effective way to do business in the Tech, Games and VR industry. In 30-minute meetings you meet dozens of new business partners face to face. The meetings are held at a designated meeting space within the conference venue, only accessible for participants of MeetToMatch. At that location, specific meeting places (very often numbered tables) are prepared for you to meet with potential business partners. Only MeetToMatch participants have access to this location to ensure only professionals seeking business opportunities are there.

Where and how do I log in?

Within 24 hours after finalizing your event registration with an eligible ticket, you will receive your login credentials for the online meeting manager. If an account was not created, just contact moc.hctamotteemnull@ofni and your account will be activated after verification. You can find the link to your specific login page here.

Where can I find the contact details of attendees?

You can only see contact details of confirmed meetings: email address and possibly a phone number. The phone number is only shown when the contact person enters this in the designated field in their profile. If you need to get in touch with any company before the meeting request is accepted, just send an email to moc.hctamotteemnull@ofni.

Before the event

What are the most important things to do upon first login?

The most important part of the online meeting manager is to make sure that your profile looks attractive:

  1. add a company logo
  2. your company description
  3. upload a personal photo so your future meeting partner knows who they will meet

After that, you can focus on the description of what you are looking for, or what you have to offer to the other participants.
This is the main trigger for other participants to invite you for a meeting or to accept your own meeting invitation.

During the event

How do I meet at the event?

You can find the location of your meeting on the Agenda tab: each meeting shows the designated meeting location.

There are two options for a meeting location:

  • As a standard option, we automatically assign a meeting table to your meeting once it is confirmed. This meeting table is located in the MeetToMatch area. Your agenda shows a table number that corresponds with the number on the table on-site.
  • Upon initiating a meeting, you can also choose for a Custom location: you can specify your own location such as your Expo booth number here. Please make sure that the description is unequivocally clear to other person that you are meeting.

If you have questions about your meeting location, you can refer to the available staff at the helpdesk situated in the MeetToMatch area.

How can I bring an additional colleague to the meetings?

If you have purchased a MeetToMatch package, you can usually bring one colleague to attend the meetings if s/he also posses a valid, non-student, ticket for the event. If you are hesitating if you can bring your colleague, or if you need more than one colleague to attend, please contact moc.hctamotteemnull@ofni.

Can I set my booth as my default meeting location?

Yes, but keep in mind that often the expo area is a couple of minutes walking distance from the MeetToMatch area, which are deducted from the 30-minute meeting duration. Our advice: if you man your booth with two or more people, let one of them go to the MeetToMatch area for the meetings to optimally make use of your 30 minutes.

If you still desire to have your booth set as default meeting location, send an email to moc.hctamotteemnull@ofni to make sure we get your preferences configured correctly.

Is it possible to get a private table at MeetToMatch?

Yes, very often this is possible. If you want your private table in the MeetToMatch area, please contact moc.hctamotteemnull@ofni.
With a private table, all your meetings will be planned at that table, and if you have non booked timeslots, the table will not be used for facilitating meetings of other companies.

Please note that if a company invites you and also has a private meeting table, the table of the inviting company will be the meeting location of that meeting.

How is the Wi-Fi at the event?

Our experience is to never rely on public Wi-Fi at any event. Yes, we do our best and it will probably work, but you have only one shot during the meeting to show you are a professional. Make sure you have an offline version of what you need to show, or alternatively use your smart phone in tethering mode or bring a Mi-Fi device and purchase a (prepaid) data SIM card.

Online meeting manager

How do I set up a meeting?

The online meeting manager contains information of all the participants of MeetToMatch, including a profile and explanation of what each participant is looking for. The system is intuitive and does not require much explanation.

Use the meeting manager to find potential business partners and set-up appointments. You can instantly see who is available at what timeslot, so the only step to take is to write a personal introduction accompanying your invitation through the meeting manager. The system will allow you to plan meetings up until and even during the event.

Remember: the earlier you request a meeting, the more likely that your partner will accept it, as agendas fill up fast closer to the event. You should also be aware that people are unlikely to respond to your requests while travelling.

Our advice: Send your meeting requests as soon as possible, but no later than two days before the event!

Can I reject a meeting request and send a personal message along?

When you open the invitation details of the pending invitation, there is the option to reject (cancel) the meeting request. When you click it, a text field appears where you can add a personal comment. There are also some pre-defined options to pick as answer.

If you somehow fail to get your message across, just send an email to your matchmaker and s/he will get the message to the company of the rejected meeting request.

I received an email that my meeting request was rejected due to a full timeslot, what happened?

The MeetToMatch area offers room for a limited amount of tables. When you send an invitation, this is linked to an available table, but only once it is confirmed, that table reservation is final. All other linked meetings are cancelled if there is no remaining free table at that timeslot

Of course you can always resend the invitation at a different timeslot or resend at the same timeslot but choose one of the pre-defined generic locations (example: at MeetToMatch reception), or your custom location.

How do I handle multiple meeting requests on one timeslot?

All remaining meetings will be rejected automatically. If you want to meet one of the others, either suggest a different time slot in the system or send out a new meeting request.

Our advise: handle the request that you want to confirm as last one, and handle the ones appropriately beforehand: reject, or reschedule.