Time to enhance the value of your event

Event organizers

With MeetToMatch at your event, you achieve a higher perceived return on investment, and thus a higher return rate intention.

Our in-house developed software can be tailored to the specific needs of any event.

Venue owners

We enable exhibition centres and trade fair venues to offer our services to multiple events that are being held at their grounds.

This unique selling point gives you a competitive advantage over other locations.

Event organizers

MeetToMatch delivers a full service matchmaking concept to conferences. We work with event organizers to integrate the matchmaking event in your business model. We will support your team to determine ticket pricing, and provide sample text and manuals for your attendees. We assist you in determining the most optimal sizing and event facilities.

We provide our matchmaking system MeetToMatch: make sure it’s set up according to the event parameters and provide a signup process for your attendees. We handle all communications from start to end: from the signup of the attendees, to a personal thank you note and a satisfaction survey to focus on improving our way of working.

And then there is the event itself: The moment supreme! Our matchmakers travel to your event for the event production. We work with your team to get the location set-up as needed. We host the event by welcoming your guests and make them feel special. We show attendees their meeting locations when needed, and try to arrange last minute meetings and get companies matched at the event as well. While this is business as usual for us, your attendees will appreciate that we run this extra mile for them.

Our customers

MeetToMatch was at the cradle of developing our matchmaking platform, which is currently the most common platform used in the games industry for matchmaking for businesses. Organized since 2009, MeetToMatch is active at several leading European game events, such as GamesCom (2016), Nordic Game Conference (2011-2017), Quo Vadis (2015-2016), Respawn Gathering (2014-2016), Barcelona Games World (2016) and Ludicious (2017).

Venue owners

MeetToMatch partners with established conferences and venue owners, to produce matchmaking events during conferences. By enabling to meet potential business partners by choice rather than chance, our goal is to realize the highest return on investment for customers of these events.

We are currently exploring different concepts with venue holders, such as exhibition centres and trade fair venues in Spain and the Netherlands. This enables them to offer our services to multiple events that are being held at their grounds. This unique selling point gives them a competitive advantage over other locations.

Our happy end-users

Christopher Heck

Meeting a nice variety of companies from all over the world at a great venue.

Christopher HeckNintendo
Jason della Rocca

A lot of great meetings with talented developers (…). There will be a handful that we will pursue for investment.

Jason della RoccaExecution Labs
Phil Elliot

I made the best possible use of my time here

Phil ElliotSquare Enix
Derk de Geus

Abundance of opportunities. Very confident this will result in excellent partnerships in the near future

Derk de GeusPaladin Studios
Olli Ikonen

As a first timer I really appreciated the whole thing as it was a huge chance to get some pitching experience. It made me feel like an important person. 😀

Olli IkonenJoensuu Games Co-op
Dale Crowley

You guys were fantastic! I cannot say enough great things about you and the System. I wish every conference used it – it would make my life better and my job as Director of Business Development at Elias Software more successful! Also you were really there for me when I needed you, including Saturday and Sunday prior to the show – much appreciated! Best system I have ever used!

Dale CrowleyElias Software

Four important reasons to choose for MeetToMatch

Intuitive software

We have developed an online matchmaking tool, that enables people to set up a profile and invite a interesting meeting partner in seconds. A personal dashboard shows what action a user needs to take, and what outstanding requests are still pending.

Personal support

We have proven over time that a standalone tool without proper service is not going to bring a positive outcome by itself. Therefore we only believe in the use of MeetToMatch with a full-service concept: hassle free for you and your customers.

Meeting points

One of the crucial parts in our events is the meeting location. We want companies to find each other in the most simple and effective way, without losing valuable meeting time. Therefore, we often set up dedicated meeting spaces at the event venue just for MeetToMatch.

Quality control

The participant field is continuously monitored to ensure the matchmaking system is not overrun by companies from a specific field. Appropriate actions are discussed to achieve a healthy balance between buyers, sellers and suppliers.

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