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Delight your guests with valuable meetings.

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The story behind our story

Fedor and Ansgar

Ansgar and Fedor met in 2008 to organize the Festival of Games, a business to business games event in the Netherlands. Besides that, we worked on organizing international Trade Missions for the Dutch Games Industry to GDC San Francisco, Tokyo Game Show, gamescom Cologne and the World Expo in Shanghai.

We believe firmly in facilitating deal-making in the games industry in the most effective form. And although we have an online matchmaking tool developed in-house, we would never solely provide this software without a proper service concept.

That believe was ground for our focus on matchmaking, and work together with established and new events to create an event ecosystem that brings most the most value and the best experience to any event visitor. This led to partnerships with game events throughout Europe such as Nordic Game Conference, Barcelona Games World, Quo Vadis and RESPAWN.

gamescom 2016 marked the start of our new company: MeetToMatch. We have proven that this enabled us to spread our faith in the power of meeting by choice rather than chance even further, since we were able to extend our services towards VR, AR and tech and startup events.

We are looking forward to work with you on your upcoming event.

Ansgar & Fedor

How we work together

20161009_060724000_iosMeetToMatch partners with established conferences and venue owners, to produce matchmaking events during conferences. By enabling to meet potential business partners by choice rather than chance, our goal is to realize the highest return on investment for customers of these events.

MeetToMatch was at the cradle of developing our matchmaking platform, which is currently the most common platform used in the games industry for matchmaking for businesses. Organized since 2009, MeetToMatch is active at several leading European game events, such as gamescom (2016-2017), Nordic Game Conference (2011-2018), Quo Vadis (2015-2017), Respawn Gathering (2014-2017), Barcelona Games World (2016-2017) and Ludicious (2017-2018).

We are currently exploring different concepts with venue holders, such as exhibition centres and trade fair venues. This enables them to offer our services to multiple events that are being held at their grounds. This unique selling point gives them a competitive advantage over other locations.

What you can expect from us

27346345845_6b7bc9e3ce_oMeetToMatch delivers a full service matchmaking to conferences. We work with event organizers to integrate the matchmaking event in your business model. We will support your team to determine ticket pricing, and provide sample text and manuals for your attendees. We assist you in determining the most optimal sizing and event facilities.

We provide our matchmaking system MeetToMatch: make sure it’s set up according to the event parameters and provide a signup process for your attendees. We handle all communications from start to end: from the signup of the attendees, to a personal thank you note and a satisfaction survey to focus on improving our way of working.

Depending on the target group, specific industry or geographic region, the participants might need a nudge or two. That is why we always set up a motivational campaign towards the participants to actively use the system. In addition, we can provide real matchmaking services to your attendees. By studying the profiles, our matchmakers can suggest meetings, or the matchmaker contacts the attendees to discuss the best matches from the list of attendees. Of course there is customer support in place to answer any questions from your attendees about the event.

And then there is the event itself: The moment supreme! Our matchmakers travel to your event for the event production. We work with your team to get the location set-up as needed. We host the event by welcoming your guests and make them feel special. We show attendees their meeting locations when needed, and try to arrange last minute meetings and get companies matched at the event as well. While this is business as usual for us, your attendees will appreciate that we run this extra mile for them.

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